Not everyone in your organization is a genius.
But, each and every employee can become a genius
if those with “genius” contents share them with others.
GPAC does just that.
Now you can share your “genius” knowledge anytime, anywhere
more quickly and easily than ever before.



With effective knowledge sharing, everyone becomes a genius.
But, you still have to continue to feed them and water them.
GPAC does just that.
Now you can manage them anytime, anywhere
based on their individual attributes and progress.



Successful employees always communicate with others.
They ask and answer questions with each other.
GPAC does just that.
Now you can connect with other geniuses anytime, anywhere
more freely and conveniently than ever before.

Do you know what this number represents?


Fortune 500 companies waste approximately $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge.
SMEs also blame internal communication for the No. 1 barrier to work productivity.

(Forbes, 2004)

“Our employees do not seem to get much out of the training we provide. It’s probably because
the employee training consists of painfully boring marathon sessions. The amount of information
presented is too overwhelming as well. As a result, the employees cannot focus on the lectures
and doze off all the time. Obviously, they can’t learn and retain the new information that well.
We, however, cannot provide the training in short bites because we have to accommodate
instructors’ travel schedule. Training gets too expensive, otherwise.”

M. Whitman (Manager, HR Training)

“Our staff turnover rate is quite high, so we are always training our employees. The problem is
we don’t have time and energy to train them all the time. We have our own job to do. I wish we
had some form of self-learning system to just let them train themselves.”

J. Weiss (VP, Sales)

“We currently have three websites for on-the-job training, and it’s a big hassle for our flight
attendants to have to log into three different ones and also for us to manage them. Flight crew
are always on the go, so they cannot sit down at the computer and sign into those websites.
They need to be able to learn anytime, anywhere.”

P. Styles (Director, HR Development)

School LMS is
not meant for business

Clearly, it's difficult to develop employees with offline training done in the classroom. So, some enterprises have looked into LMSs to replace such an old-school training system. Noticing the urgent needs for an enterprise LMS, some "school" LMS providers have quickly moved ahead to launch "corporate" editions of their school LMS products. Yet, they are failing to meet enterprises' own unique needs that are fundamentally different from those of school environments. This comes as no surprise since they were designed to be used in K-12 or higher education in the first place.

Where is true mobile LMS?
Where is true mobile LMS?

The LMS market has not kept up with the mobile era. Some products don't even offer mobile apps. When they do, many features are missing in their mobile editions, and the mobile interface is too complicated to navigate through or locate target content. Oftentimes, they are slow and buggy as well. This is all because these LMSs were designed for web, but not mobile, in the first place.

Inflexible and Unmatchable solutions
Inflexible and Unmatchable solutions

Consequently, small and mid-size companies are stuck with far-from-perfect third party applications; large companies end up spending much money to develop SI (System Integration) solutions of their own. These SI solutions, however, require SI customization every time there is a content or functionality update as business grows.

GPAC is a perfect solution
for knowledge sharing and training in your company.

Great news! GPAC doesn't need those repeated SI customizations. GPAC is light enough to freely scale up to match your business growth and flexible enough to be integrated with other external applications to manage multiple business processes.

GPAC is the only knowledge sharing and training system designed for corporate use and mobile use right from the beginning. Now you can create training manuals and deliver information to your employees more effectively than ever.

So, what do we provide?

GPAC (Genius PACkage)

Enterprise Learning Management AI Saas Platform

Content Publishing

In-house Appstore

Learning Management

So, what do we provide?

Enterprise Learning Content Management
AI SaaS Platform

Content Publishing

In-house Appstore

Learning Management