Knowledge sharing and training will get faster and easier.

Action Plan

This is how we do it.


Partner with GPAC


First, we release a private marketplace app for your company both on Google Play Store and the App Store. Then, we give you a domain and a master account to manage it.


The "master" adds your staff to the system according to their departments and positions and assigns "authors," who now have a permission to create and publish content, and "managers," who oversee employee training.


The "author" can create apps and publish them on your company's own appstore.


"Employees" can download the enterprise appstore from Google Play Store or the App Store.


"Employees" search, browse, download, and open apps according to their departments and positions.


Now employees can learn the training material at their own pace with GPAC's innovatively engineered instructional design.


"Managers" can monitor the employees' learning progress in real time on their mobile devices.


"Employees" can also use GPAC as a communication tool to interact with content authors and instructors.

GPAC is your business tailor that creates training manuals and delivers the information.