GPAC AnalyticsTM

Artificial Intelligence For
Corporate Training

Adaptive Learning

There’s no such thing as an “average employee,” but there are average training methods. The most progressive managers deliver targeted courses, but at a major cost to their time and energy. Their sustainable solution is powered by GPAC AnalyticsTM, our artificial intelligence engine. It runs on advanced machine learning algorithms developed for adaptive learning in the enterprise setting--presenting training materials according to the unique needs of each employee.

Atomized Data Collection
from Learner Behaviors

GPAC AnalyticsTM digests and gives a new meaning to individual learner data, which was once unorganized and lost, transforming sunken costs into new business opportunities. It automates the process of tracking and measuring employee engagement and performance and collects atomized small data in real time from various learner behaviors captured on any kind of digital content embedded in each node of every learning map. With the sub-file level analytics, adaptive learning is implemented more dynamically than ever.

Immediate and Continuous Feedback

GPAC AnalyticsTM offers never-before-seen formative training assessments supported by our data-capture technology. This seamless adaptive learning process is automated by state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing trainers and trainees to receive immediate and continuous feedback during the whole training experience--whether in the office or on-the-go. Interoperability and management of metadata are what GPAC can do best.

Personalized Learning

GPAC AnalyticsTM predicts future learner engagement and completion rates to provide actionable recommendations on pushing notifications or revising their training programs. The prediction accuracy depends on the meaningful data we collect from individuals. We provide a truly personalized learning environment optimized for your workplace, making employee training an integral part of your business strategy.

GPAC VisualizeTM

GPAC VisualizeTM offers a cutting-edge mobile learning experience with its visually intuitive and interactive UI/UX optimized to increase their engagement and memory retention rate.


GPAC ShieldTM makes corporate knowledge sharing and training more secure than ever through obfuscating codes, utilizing DRM technologies, revoking access to downloaded content, etc.