Mobile Security For
Corporate Training

Code Obfuscation

GPAC protects its customers from hackers attempting to convert codes by force through several highly-advanced code-obfuscating and ciphering techniques--ranging from changing class names to altering components within the codes. With GPAC, customers will be safe and sound from cyber-attacks.

Video Security

GPAC provides copy-protection for its customers’ video content. DRM (Digital Rights Management) ensures that only authorized users can access the content for a limited time. GPAC’s video security solution also offers a double-layered DRM service for video viewing and downloading in order to counteract DRM Removal software. An integration with a commercial DRM solution is also available upon request. If integrating GPAC into a web LMS already in use, GPAC can absorb the DRM system embedded in the web LMS to ensure security.

Screen Capture Prevention

GPAC’s DRM solution contains a screen capture prevention feature by default. In addition to the DRM, GPAC prevents screen captures by applying FLAC_SEQURE (on Android) and pushing alerts notifying users of which account holder has attempted to take a screenshot, from which MAC address, and when (on iOS).

Revoking Access to Downloaded Content

Only authorized employees can access the mobile app content downloaded via GPAC’s enterprise appstore. Once employees leave their jobs, they will no longer be able to access even downloaded content, keeping it secure--online or offline.

GPAC AnalyticsTM

By collecting massive amounts of meaningful individual small data, GPAC AnalyticsTM leads employees to the right “next step” in their training process and informs managers of when and how to intervene in their learning.

GPAC VisualizeTM

GPAC VisualizeTM offers a cutting-edge mobile learning experience with its visually intuitive and interactive UI/UX optimized to increase their engagement and memory retention rate.