GPAC VisualizeTM

Design Engineering For
Corporate Training

Intuitive UI

GPAC uses an infographic called a "mind map" to provide employees with a visually intuitive structure for easily browsing course content. This UI helps authors organize their content, connect related concepts, and offer employees the fastest access to target content.

By zooming in/out on the map, learners can choose to get a bird's eye view of information or zero in on a particular component of the information. This mobile-friendly map features the same capacity of tens of web browser windows. With GPAC, there’s no eternal scrolling.

Interactive UX

GPAC UX is based on a truly personalized learning environment optimized to digital natives. It is carefully designed for specialized user-interaction data management to analyze and predict learner engagement and performance. Each node is animated with a simple click. Touching a node moves it to the center of the screen to acquire high legibility on any smartphone and then generates its sub-nodes according to the recommended sequence of learning for the particular course.

GPAC's app authoring tool featuring an easy and intuitive UX lets more than two employees simultaneously collaborate to create and edit one course and then communicate in real time with others about node-level specific topics. Your conversation is not getting sidetracked anymore.

Your map is customizable. You can color-code any node to customize the map according to your specific needs. That way, you can perceive different information categories at a glance.

Design Library

Beautiful design motivates user engagement and increases memory retention rates. Your business is valuable, and your app is worth the fancy. Every employee can access our design library to decorate their own app with icons, pictograms, and templates--or upload any image to the library.

Learning Management Dashboard

GPAC doesn’t require you to be a data scientist to understand the learning metrics and analytics provided on GPAC’s learning management dashboard. You click. We do the rest.

GPAC AnalyticsTM

By collecting massive amounts of meaningful individual small data, GPAC AnalyticsTM leads employees to the right “next step” in their training process and informs managers of when and how to intervene in their learning.


GPAC ShieldTM makes corporate knowledge sharing and training more secure than ever through obfuscating codes, utilizing DRM technologies, revoking access to downloaded content, etc.