Channel Business Resellers & System Integrators

We, Genius Factory, would like to build partnerships with channel business resellers in each country. They will be selling GPAC in their marketplaces, and we will be supporting all the customizations for client needs.

Content Providers

GPAC is also attractive to various content providers since it can easily produce user-friendly mobile apps optimized for browsing and learning content thanks to its visual and interactive UI.

Venture Capitals (IR)

The corporate training market is saturated but has recently entered the new mobile era. With that, there is an urgent need for a PC-to-mobile transition, and yet there are no good big players right now. So, we would like to seize this golden opportunity by partnering with the best financial partners who can help us to increase our global networks and sales. We have the best team members, the best products, and the best opportunities.

Companies with a PC-based LMS Only

With partnering with GPAC, current LMS companies will be able to lead the market by providing an LMS optimized for mobile. They can maintain their current customers and increase ROI and product values. GPAC’s “Virtual Bridge” makes it possible to build platform-to-platform partnerships. Integration with GPAC can be done in two ways: i) a PC-based LMS can be integrated into GPAC’s mobile platform (powered by GPAC) or ii) GPAC can be integrated into a PC-based LMS (GPAC inside).

Let's create the greater good together. Partner with GPAC.