GPAC Appstore for Your Business

It is an enterprise's in-house repository or wiki where employees can publish apps. Authorized staff can search and access apps that are relevant to their departments, positions, and duties.

Visual & Interactive App

Every app made with GPAC has a visual mind map-based UI characterized by its fast-to-learn and easy-to-remember infographic. It gives users the fastest access to target content with interactive browsing.

Self-paced Learning

Our learning management system provides your staff with multiple choice and short answer questions to solve. Wrong answers automatically direct them to relevant learning materials for re-learning, and progress is monitored in real time.

Registration for Multi-tenants

A master account holder registers employees according to their departments, positions, and duties. Certain employees are assigned as "authors" or "managers." Authors can create apps, and managers can approve them for publishing.

App Authoring

Without any coding, authors can create apps simply by filling a tree structure with any kinds of digital files and information. The tree structure helps to organize and curate previously scattered data.

Customer-Optimized App Editing

Our Visual Engine automatically transforms the content into a mind map, which is optimized for mobile devices. Authors can easily change the shape of the map with our drag-and-drop feature.

App Publishing

After creating apps, authors can ask managers to release them. Once they are approved, the apps will be registered to the company's own appstore immediately.

App Management

There are four statuses for apps: "publishing," "published," "holding," and "deleted." Configuration management allows us to compare different versions and keep track of which departments and employees are using the current version.

Detailed Learning Management

Unlike other LMSs that merely monitor learning progress based on file-level measures such as the number of views and downloads, GPAC computes the progress atomically, allowing the collection of in-file content-level data.

Deep Machine Learning

By leveraging metadata from content, quizzes and learning progress, GPAC's powerful AI Engine makes a recommendation on what learning content to assign to each employee.

Light & Collaborative

GPAC is an agile software that can match fast-growing companies' needs for customization. It is stable and flexible, allowing system integration with various external applications for services such as CRM and ERP.